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  feuilles de chataignier

The mill with Sweet chestnuts

les chataigniersThe “sweet chestnut collecting campaign” starts as of the end September and can last until at the beginning of November.

With the Field of Rapatel the fruits are collected with the net or the machine.
The most beautiful fruits are collected with the hand as soon as they are ripe and that they fall on a carpet from grass prepared to this end as of August.
The sweet chestnuts are then washed, sorted and smallest will be dried in a drier with sweet chestnut to become "châtaignons", as hard as small stones.


feuilles de chataignierManufacture of the Flour

les chataigniersThen we find ourselves in the mill or Serge Vigouroux, the owner of the places will start to grind these châtaignons thanks to two granite grinding stones weighing approximately 850 kg and which will give an odorous flour but which with the characteristic to be without gluten and which makes it possible to carry out gnocchis, pastes, bread, soup, cakes as well as many and delicious small dishes…