feuilles de chataignier

Field of RAPATEL !

les chataigniersThe Field of RAPATEL is at approximately 5km of Villefranche du Périgord and covers about fifty hectares including 7 and half of orchards of chestnuts.
An old chestnut grove known as traditional of about fifty years and an orchard only of chestnut of variety “Marigoule” now 10 years old and which arrive at the full production.


jeunes pousse
In a traditional chestnut grove, the chestnut is grafted on “boletus”, (wild stock intended for the production of wood).
The grafted varieties are local varieties : Mountain, Cassagne and Marron of Goujounac.

biche The other part of the Field makes up of meadows and wood forests of chestnuts… of course.
To visit us, after a visit of Villefranche of Périgord, its market and its old corn measures, to take the direction of CAHORS then the direction of CAZALS and on your left you will notice the panel indicating RAPATEL, still 300 m and you will be in the middle of the chestnuts!