feuilles de chataignier


Velvety of pumpkin to sweet chestnuts

Preparation: 20 mn
Cooking:20 mn Ingredients (for 6 people):

  • -800 G of pumpkin
  • -200 G of plugs
  • -5 onions
  • -butter
  • -whole sweet chestnuts cooked with the wood fire

  • Preparation:
    To make return onions cut coarsely in butter at the bottom of a casserole.
    To add pumpkin approximately cut dice and to make return briefly the whole.
    To cover with water and to let cook 20 mn under pressure.
    Once cooked, to pass the soup mixture to the mill, to add the plugs préalablements gilded in a poèle.
    To be useful on émiettées sweet chestnuts.
    One can add a little fresh cream.


     feuilles de chataignier

    Principal dishes

    Chicken with sweet chestnuts and olives

    Preparation: 15 mn
    Cooking: 1h with 1h30

    Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • - 1 beautiful chicken raised in freedom
  • - 2 cloves of garlic
  • - 500 G of peeled sweet chestnuts
  • - a score of black olives to oil
  • - 2 shallots
  • - salt, pepper
  • - leafless thyme

  • Preparation :
    To line sweet chestnut and olive chicken, to add the cloves of garlic (by removing the germ). To salt and pepper, strew with a little thyme.
    To keep the olive and sweet chestnut surplus to add them a few minutes before the end of cooking around the poultry. To make gild chicken and shallots with the olive oil in a casserole (preferably out of cast iron) and let it cook gently until the rammers are detached easily.
    The taste brought by black olives is important.

     feuilles de chataignier

    The desserts

    Cake of sweet chestnut flour, hazel nuts and chocolate

    Cooking: 30 mn
    Ingredients :

  • - 150 G of sweet chestnut flour
  • - 50 G of white flour
  • - 1 salt pinch
  • - 1 brewers' yeast sachet
  • - 150 G of sugar
  • - 4 whole eggs
  • - 5 spoons with soup with oil S
  • - 5 C with milk S
  • - 100 G of hazel nuts
  • - 100 G of nut
  • - 100 G of chocolate for the nappage
  • - butter or oil to lubricate the mussel

  • Preparation:
    To mix in a pot the two flours, salt and yeast. To beat 4 omelette eggs, to incorporate sugar, oil and milk.
    To work well and pour the whole in the pot containing the flours then to mix and knead. To add crushed hazel nuts and nuts.
    To lubricate a mould to miss, there pour the paste.
    To cook with hot furnace (thermostat 6/180°C) during 30 mn approximately. After cooking, to let cool, then to unmould on a dish.
    Napper the top with the chocolate melted in a little water (optional).