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 sweet chestnuts in dordogne perigord

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For your cakes, think of the flour 100% sweet chestnut, without gluten, it will give a rustic savour to your desserts.
We market it out of vacuum sachet of 500g.



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We use our own flour for the biscuit clothes industry: Shortbread biscuit, Cookies with the chocolate nuggets, tiles.
cremes de marron In partnership with our neighbors, producers of sweet chestnuts Annie and Jean Louis also propose chestnut purees reduced out of sugar and a succulent soup with sweet chestnut to give originality to your meals.

All our production is of artisanal manufacture without dye nor conservative..
On the field a “shop” will accomodate you as of the July beginning, on return, for a guided tour of the chestnut groves, a presentation and tasting of our products with a demonstration with the mill.
Tariff 2007:1 euro by anybody adult (free for the children up to 8 years).

farine de chataignes

For an original aperitif: biscuit aperitifs receipt to the sweet chestnut flour and cheese.
Preparation: 5 mn cooking: 10mn
250g of sweet chestnut flour, butter 125g, grated Gruyere 150g, 1oeuf, water

  • Emincer fat content in the flour.
  • To add egg, a little water and the Gruyere.
  • To knead quickly and make a ball.
  • To let rest 1 hour.
  • To output the paste in small biscuits
  • To cook with hot furnace 10 minutes.

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