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Périgord, other Country of Sweet chestnut.

Sweet chestnut treesIn the south of Black Périgord, with the borders of Quercy and Resident of Agen is spread out a coalfield of sweet chestnuts of approximately thousand hectares.

It is in Villefranche of Périgord, country house of XIIIe century that you will be able to discover the history of the chestnut, sweet chestnut and chestnut.

With the Field of RAPATEL on 7 hectares of orchards of chestnuts, you will know all about “the breadfruit tree”.
Sweet chestnut trees Of the grafting of the tree, the maintenance of the orchards while passing by the harvest of the fruits until the transformation into flour (mill with sweet chestnut) and the clothes industry of biscuits.

Since always sweet chestnut nourished the Men!
Recognized then forsaken, the SWEET CHESTNUT is found in our modern food.
Traditional partner of Christmas turkey, it hiding place under her hard bark a melting flesh, rich in minerals, ideal to remain in form!
The sweet chestnut flour as for it is sought by much because it is without gluten (allergen).